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Dreamboys JET review SPOILERS


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May. 9th, 2013


So I generally try to go about life without poking my head too far above the parpet and having lived in Japan for nearly three years with a mostly positive experience and haven't had to really. Tonight though.
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Fic: The Man in the Mirror

Title: The Man in the Mirror
Author: awkward_as_heck
Fandom: Engine Sentai Go-Onger/Kamen Rider Kabuto
Characters: Suto Hiroto/Yaguruma Sou, Go-Ongers
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Violence
Disclaimer: Don't own
Summary: Hiroto has a choice to make.
Notes: Post series AU. Has vague connections with a couple of my old LJ fics; Old Wounds and The Object of Everyone's Affection but stands completely on its own.

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The Kamen Rider Meme

The one that was your first: Den-O

The one with the best theme song: Kabuto- Next Level

The one that made you laugh the most: Den-O. The first episode had a dude on a bicycle in a tree and the lulz only went up from there.

The one that made you cry the most: W. Ep48 got me good.

The one that surprised you: W. At the previews I was 2 in 1? WTF. They won me over very quickly.

The one that didn't meet your expectations: Theres quite a few but Kiva stands out the most. It had everything to be really good then just sort of petered out.

The one with the best relationship: Tendou and Kagami. It took them a long time but they built an awesome dynamic.

The one with the best fight scenes/action: Theres a lot of good stuff throughout the series. Kamen Rider One and Two have their classic Rider Kick. Gills had some pretty brutal fights in Agito. Ryuki has some good stuff between the human riders. Hibiki was pretty novel. Ryuu-Den-O was awesome. W made a art out of form switching. Theres a lot of good in a lot of different ways across the franchise.

The one with the best suit design/transformation scenes: The realisation of W's concept is excellent.

The one that you compare all the others to: As a benchmark for comparison Den-O, it was my first, it'll always be what I come back to. That said each title exists on it's own merits and it is quite hard to compare them with one another except in very broad terms.

Re: Doctor Who: Let's Kill Hitler

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This could be a lot longer but I find myself not caring that much. Thanks for making Doctor Who dull Moffat.


This is a Doctor Who rant.


Gacking from Meg and Mariko

Basically gimme two or more characters out of my fandoms who aren't usually paired together (by me/others), and I'll write a paragraph with them together. Characters can be from the same fandom or from different fandoms.

Brief fandom rundown because I haven't talked about fandom stuff in forever:

KR: Agito-OOO (But not Hibiki)
Sentai: Timeranger, Abaranger-Goonger (I missed a lot of Goseiger and I don't want to try Goukaiger just yet)
Tomica Hero Rescue Force but not Fire

My thoughts on Gokaiger

First thought: Red has a big mouth and kind of resembles Katori Shingo from SMAP.
Second: Where to they find these crazy tall blue dudes?

So I kind of like it so far. I think the overall team look is better, Blue's height is offset by Red's broad shouldered build which is a step up from last year, I always thought Hyde made Alata and Eri look like kids. Also my anti red bias has not kicked in yet which is pretty impressive 'cause the last time that happened was back when I watched Time and Abaranger. Whilst I appreciate that the Red is the focal point for the series I nearly always find the other characters more interesting. Whether or not this will turn out to be true, I don't know but it would be nice to get an atypical red and I think the pirate motif will allow it. Blue, I like Blue, nothing out of the ordinary there. Appropriately interesting past please. Yellow, liking. Green, liking, I just hope they don't overplay the physical comedy. Pink, hopefully the manners will mellow a little but I think the 'Princess' character could be a good counterpoint to the pirate mentality.

In all: Toei, you've got something good, don't screw it up.

Writer's Block: Walkin' the line

Do you prefer being the good cop or the bad cop?

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Good Cop. It's easy to hate a Bad cop because by definition they're 'bad'. A good cop though is charming, calm and oh so irritatingly reasonable. Much harder to hate


So, I've made it safely to my host town in Hokkaido.

I have lovely chalet to live in and everyone seems really nice.

I was glad to arrive as Tokyo was like walking into a wall of moisture everytime you left the wonderfully air conditioned shops but was still loads of fun.